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Boat Security Day at Port Waterhouse

On Sunday 29th May we held a Marine security event at Port Waterhouse. All customers were given the opportunity to have their boats, outboards, dinghies and other equipment marked using SelectaDNA property marking kits.

SelectaDNA kits have been used to mark boats and equipment at Port Waterhouse

The SelectaDNA product range consists of a number of solutions containing a unique DNA code which can be used to uniquely mark and trace items of property. Each DNA code used in the SelectaDNA products is completely unique so that every marking kit has its very own forensic signature. Each SelectaDNA code can be deciphered by a molecular genetic laboratory which has been supplied with a SelectaDNA reagent kit designed to detect and analyse SelectaDNA samples.

The details of the code are recorded on the SelectaDNA Police and Insurance approved database so that a code found on an asset or person can be identified back to Port Waterhouse and the specific owner.

We had a great turnout on the day, helped I'm sure by some fantastic bank holiday sunshine and were also able to mark equipment for those customers unable to make it in person.

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