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Building Works - Part 5

More snow, but progress continues...

Once again we've experienced a heavy dump of snow in East Portlemouth but Adrian and the team have been battling the elements to keep the project moving forward.

Last week the cladding arrived and the carpenters are starting to 'dress' the building in Yellow Cedar imported from Canada by local firm Stone's Marine Timber ( Whilst the wood will look quite yellow at first, we expect it to mellow over the next few years as it is exposed to the elements.

The roofing material finally arrived and has been fitted helping to make the building watertight for the first time and we are starting to get a great idea as to how the finished boat house will look.

The solar panels which will provide electricity for hot water and other uses have been installed on the new roof.

Finally, the windows were fitted just prior to the Easter weekend which meant we were able to get the scaffolding down ready for eager customers to gain access to site and bring tenders and outboards to the new storage facility on the ground floor.

Wet weather continues to causes problems and has led to delays in installing the new sewage treatments plant and soak-away, but this work will be undertaken as soon as weather permits.

We hope to get the upstairs space finished by the school summer holidays, maybe earlier. In the meantime below is a sneak preview of space (ready for first fix electrics to be followed by plaster board and plaster/ painting), as well as a hint at the views offered from the first floor.

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