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And the building work begins - Part 1

On the 3rd October 2017, Adrian Wotton and his team joined us on-site at Port Waterhouse to begin the build of our new Boat House. This exciting construction will take place over the winter period and we hope to have the new facilities (or at least some of them) ready for you when we open in April 2018. We will try to provide you with regular updates on the build via this blog.

Moving the Old Boat Shed

The first task was to dismantle the old boat shed which has been on site since the 1930's (re-built in the early 1990's) ready for its short trip up the hill to the car park field. Despite its age, the shed came apart in panels fairly easily and whilst it was slightly harder to put it back together it is now standing proud (with a new roof and a fresh coat of paint) in its new location at the top of the car park. Special thanks to Hannah's parents for their help with the painting!

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