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Building Works - Part 6

Nearing Completion!

Building works continue at Port Waterhouse but we are nearing completion and are extremely excited about how things are coming together!!

The cladding is almost complete and whilst it looks a little bright at present, we expect the wood to silver creating a more subtle overall look.

Installing the sewage treatment system was a bit nerve wracking and I think a few of us, having seen it up on the carparking strip doubted a) whether it would fit, and b) if the builders could dig a big enough hole without the new building collapsing! Of course we should have never doubted Adrian and the team and it fits perfectly down the side of the boathouse. Phew!

All the doors have been installed meaning the building is now secure.The inside of the building is almost complete with the plastering and painting finished and the bathroom tiling underway. We have ordered a custom sink unit from the guys at Gorgeous Concrete and can't wait to see it in-situ in the bathroom.

Our new woodburning stove - can't wait to light it!

The wood burning stove has now been installed and we can imagine many a day enjoying the warmth of the fire as the rain lashes down outside!

Of course, we would prefer warm and sunny days for our mooring customers, but the new building will certainly provide a luxurious shelter from the weather, or somewhere comfortable to retreat to after a good day on the water!

This week the balustrade for the balcony is being fitted along with the air-source heat pumps and tiling of the bathrooms should be completed too. Then we need to lay the floor in the main room and complete the second fix plumbing and electrics.

It's almost there and we still plan to be open for the school summer holidays. We even have some exciting events planned for August. More to follow once details and dates are confirmed.

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