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Building Works - Part 4

We have a Building!

Since our last blog, the building seems to have come on apace! All structural elements of the main building are now complete and you can really get a feel for the space available.

The clubhouse / event space area has been constructed in timber and covered with felt and battens ready for the cladding to be fitted.

The toilet and shower area is ready for first fix plumbing as is the small kitchen. In addition, provision has been made for the wood-burner to be fitted with the flu going straight up through the ridge of the roof.

All the window openings are in place (covered by felt in these pictures) giving us a great idea of the framed views you will be able to see from the boathouse. We are particularly excited about the large sliding doors onto the balcony which will offer spectacular views of sunsets over the estuary and Salcombe beyond. We believe it really will be extra special!

As I type, we are holed up in Goodshelter as snow falls outside and unsurprisingly, no-one is able to work on the build this week. Both the insulation and, more excitingly the cedar cladding, were due for delivery today but conditions are not favourable and it looks like these will need to be delayed until next week.

There is much work to be done in the next few weeks as the roof, windows, cladding, plumbing / electrics and solar panel installation are all booked in, and weather permitting, the site should be a hive of activity.

By Easter we hope to have the building watertight and the new boat storage facility downstairs secure and ready to receive customers' dinghies. It will take us a little longer to complete the upstairs clubhouse/ event space, but we are sure it will be worth the wait.

Roll-on summer!!

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